A German Party
110 minutes, Germany 2022
Feature Documentary
Director: Simon Brückner
Producer: Hubertus Siegert
German Distribution: Majestic
World Sales: Hubertus Siegert/ spicefilm GmbH
Press: Petra Schwuchow

World Premiere: Berlinale 2022


The feature documentary A GERMAN PARTY shows inside views of the new German right-wing party AfD. It delves deep into the working lives of politicians and officials whose party repeatedly drew attention in the past for cases of suspected far-right extremism. The audience is right in the middle of the political action and experiences the struggles for direction in the populist party as well as the rebellion of its supporters against a „decadent establishment“. We experience the AfD’s own antics, its resentments, worlds of ideas and self-dramatizations. Some elements of the party became a target for surveillance of the Secret Service while the party’s drift to the far-right proves to be just as real as the existing dreams of coalitions and participation in government. Demagogues and tacticians encounter offended conservatives, opponents of the zeitgeist, and political beginners in search of the very different. As the director and DOP, Simon Brückner came closer to his protagonists over the years of filming than any journalist could do through everyday reporting. What’s extraordinary about this film is the exclusive access to numerous politicians and committees at all levels of the AfD. The film works without interviews and does not comment on what it depicts. Therefore, it challenges its audience, to make up their minds on what is shown. It offers a complex experience from a world that would normally be impossible to enter.

About the production:

A GERMAN PARTY is a production of Hubertus Siegert and his production company spicefilm. The film is a co-production with ZDF/3sat and Rundfunk Berlin-Brandenburg. It was supported with funding from the Federal Commission for Culture and Media, the Medienboard Berlin-Brandenburg and the German Federal Film Fund.

The film’s research began in 2017 and it was shot between 2019 and 2021. The filming took place openly and with the consent of the people and bodies involved. The AfD had no say in the editing of the film.

Simon Brückner:
„When the AfD showed up in the political arena, there was a great deal of concern about this rising right-wing party. At times the AfD seems like an alien spaceship that has landed in our allegedly perfect German democracy to mess it up, due to the ways the party has been talked about in the media. Nevertheless, the AfD has emerged from the centre
of our society – not merely from the margins.

As a documentarist, I wanted to depict this particular part of our political reality on an adequate scale and offer a film that had not existed before:
to put the audience directly into the party’s communication space. The working question was: If I disregard everything I think to know about the AfD and manage to be accepted as their silent guest, neither friend nor foe – what do I actually see? The cliché that everyone expects? Or totally different aspects? Or both at the same time? The film does not give a definite answer to this. Yet it presents the essence of those situations that I was able to capture with the camera. It reveals abysses while retaining a realm for discoveries. In this way, the audience can embark on my journey itself. The emergence of the AfD brought polarization and communication breakdowns within German society. I chose to take a step back and look at things from a distance. Therein lies the power of observational documentaries: To let the phenomena speak for themselves in the darkness of the cinema and the size of the projection.“

Written and Directed: Simon Brückner
Cinematography: Simon Brückner
Editing: Sebastian Winkels, Gesa Marten, BFS
Sound Recording: Nils Plambeck
Sound Design: André Zacher
Production Manager: Susanne Bauer
Producer: Hubertus Siegert